Feb 27, 2018

Ricky Cruise


Volunteer experience.

I was both honoured and proud to work along side Nilton and Elizabeth at Peru Luz de Esperanza these guys really do manage to achieve great things with very little. However, it would be a travesty is was to leave it here and not talk about the kids. These little ones  work so so hard sometimes after spending many hours working on the land before attending class hats off to you kids you are the real stars of the show👍

Ahuac and Chupaca in my view are undiscovered rural gems on the Peruvian map and have yet to be impacted by tourism. How long this will continue is anyone’s guess. These areas are breathtakingly Beautiful surrounded by rolling hills and mountains and steeped in tradition. Life here is very simple I felt very safe whilst living here.

Elizabeth and Eva were always keen to introduce me to local Peruvian dishes which always made meal times an event to look forward to. Some of the tasks I helped with during my stay where quite physical this mixed with what I can only guess was the high altitude saw my appetite skyrocket. This was no problem for Elizabeth and Eva there was always plenty of freshly prepared food on offer all sourced from local farms super fresh and very healthy. Thank you so much ladies.😊

Absolutely, in a heartbeat. My working at Peru Luz de Esperanza was the start of a much longer journey which saw me travel through southern Peru , Bolivia and Columbia. My trip is now drawing to an end and upon reflection I can honestly say that my experience working with these guys has been the highlight of my trip. Do it!

Aug 01, 2017

Georgia Pattison


The food was really good and it was great to try new things. If there was anything I didn’t like, they made sure I had an alternative.Chupaca: it was a very safe village and easy to navigate. Getting to Huancayo was very easy and safe, my days volunteering were different and exciting, some days I would be teaching and some I would be helping build things in the village. I definitely recommend Luz de Esperanza to others.

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