Take advantage of your stay

Spanish Lessons

Whilst the immersive experience of volunteering will help develop your spoken Spanish, there are classes available should you wish to learn the language and grammar more formally. The classes are delivered by professional tutors from Huancayo and usually on a one to one basis to ensure that you get maximum benefit from the time spent.


Andean culture has a rich and varied heritage of dance and music, and we offer informal classes in traditional dance.  It's a great opportunity to dress up and have fun. Encounter your fellow volunteers and your hosts, as well as yourself, in a completely different way. It's good exercise too!


Local Crafts

You might also be interested in trying your hand at one of the traditional skills for which the Mantaro valley is famed. We can arrange for you to work alongside master artisans, with many decades of experience to impart. It's a chance not only to develop a talent but also to return home with a truly unique momento of your time with us:



The region is famous for its woven goods. The program is able to offer weaving classes for volunteers who want to learn this traditional craft for themselves. We work with alpaca wool using a traditional wooden loom. This is a great opportunity to learn a new skill while also helping you understand a little more of the heritage of the region.  



Our  good friend Mr. Hilario is a local craftsman whose work is reknowned in the region. As well as conventional crockery he makes traditional decorative masks and smaller ornamental items. We can arrange classes with him where you can explore your own creative potential, whilst absorbing the indigenous style. 

Why not enhance your time with us by developing a new skill? Here are a few we can help you explore. If there's something you're interested in that you don't see here contact us and we'll see what we can arrange. The modest fees we charge support both the teachers and the charity as a whole.