What do we need?

  • Donations: As PASPLE does not have any help from the government, donations are our only way to finance our activities. Every dollar counts. If you can raise funds before you come, that will help us very much continuing our activities at the school after your stay.

  • Books: We have a little library. So you can to bring second-hand books in English or in Spanish as a donation. Those will be used by all the people around the school.

  • We have initiated computer classes. We need second-hand laptops or other computer equipment like mice and pads, keyboards, screens etc. (those could be bought locally if you prefer)

  • School supplies (pens, notebooks, folders, color papers, pencil sharpeners, erasers, etc.) You can carry those from home or buy here in Huancayo

  • Clothes for small girls or and boys, 3-7 years old, 8-16 years old.

  • Playing material for the school as balls, games, etc.

You don't have to come and work with us to show your support. Donations are a vital part of our funding, allowing us to assist in providing the children with clothes and shoes as well as purchasing school supplies.


Money goes further in Peru than in the developed world so even a small donation can make a difference:  

$15 will buy a pair of shoes for a child, $50 would dress the child completely; trousers, top, jumper and shoes.

The school always needs books, stationery supplies and sports equipment.If there are particular items that you would like your donation to fund please let us know.


At Christmas we are particularly grateful for donations that allow us to provide a celebration for the community where we are able to supply the traditional Christmas hot chocolate and panettone as well as a small gift for each child. We have done this since the project began and it means that children who might otherwise have nothing, get to experience the fun and joy of having their very own doll, football or the like.


All donations will be acknowledged with thanks and we will send you pictures of the children that have benefited directly from your generosity. You can donate using the donate button on this page, or if you prefer by direct bank transfer - please contact us and we will send details.


Thank you.