There are many aspects to the work of our charity and the lives of our community and volunteers. Here are a selection of pictures that capture something of the experience of being here. Many thanks to all of our friends who've sent us these images. It's great to have this record of the good times we've shared and the valuable work we do - and continue to do...  Our first set of pictures is of the children; our first priority and constant inspiration.



Hare are pictures showing some of our work with families, sometimes in our school, sometimes in the community, along with plenty of shots showing all manner of childrens classes. Often in fine weather we teach outdoors. The presentation of commendations and certificates is a positive affirmation of a child's progress. You can see some of our proud recipients here.



Our volunteers are vital to the continued success of our project. We hope that, for all of them the time they spend with us will be in some way life-changing. These images convey something of the bonds of friendship and collaboration that form between  volunteers, children, families and staff as we work together.


We are phenomenally proud to have built our school from the ground up (having first levelled the difficult terrain by hand). Here you can see the ongoing construction work including new steps, terracing and fencing for our hill side site. There are images of the furniture we make for the school and the families of our pupils. Pictures too of the oven building initiative we are delivering; improving the environment and nutrition of our children. Our projects can be adapted to best suit whatever skills you bring, from making adobe mud to electrical wiring.


Eating and drinking

Food is an important part of our work. The collective preparation and sharing of food is an act that brings our community together. We also use that same sharing to educate about hygiene and nutrution. 

Sport, parties and celebrations

Festivals and birthdays are important events in school life. Most of our pupils come from extremely poor families and so we make the effort to celebrate their special days. Christmas is also a major festival here are we like to make it as special a time for the children as possible. Outdoor sport and games are an ever popular part of our curiculum and we recently constructed a new play area with climbing  bars, which not only helps develop motor skills but is also great fun!


Along side visual arts we also place a strong emphasis on music within the school. Multiple academic studies have highlighted the developmental benefits of learning to play an instrument. Participating in song, dance and music is a positive part of daily school life that is both socialising and therapeutic.

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