There are many aspects to the work of our charity and the lives of our community and volunteers. Here are a selection of pictures that capture something of the experience of being here. Many thanks to all of our friends who've sent us these images. It's great to have this record of the good times we've shared and the valuable work we do - and continue to do...  Our first set of pictures is of the children; our first priority and constant inspiration.


yolinda and sandra
volunteer teach to them for weaving
playing with a big wood
belinda eating copy
afyter finish the lesson of english_edited


Hare are pictures showing some of our work with families, sometimes in our school, sometimes in the community, along with plenty of shots showing all manner of childrens classes. Often in fine weather we teach outdoors. The presentation of commendations and certificates is a positive affirmation of a child's progress. You can see some of our proud recipients here.

Stina is a doctor, she is having a meeting with the parents because she talk about the importance of
reunion antes del trabajo, planeando como realizar el trabajo, comunidad y voluntarios
mostrando trabajo hecho por madres
Mother participating in the school
teaching some maths
teaching outside the school, english
teaching computeers
Rachel volunteer from US teaching english
Premios para los mejores estudiantes
playing outside with the donation of Nico from ITALY
nice story for the children
Nayeli after work
MARGOT teaching to read to small children
Margot is a peruvian volunteer she is teaching to the 3 to 5 yer pld students.
Eva from New zealand giving the crown to Juvali, because she is the Queen for this year 2016
Elizabeth teaching to read
Elizabeth is reading a story for small children
Eleccion de Miss. AMISTAD en la escuela, DE DERECHA A IZQUIERDA, Yadhira,Yuvali(la ganadora), Lesli,
Cicely teaching knitting  to the children
children looking
at the lessons
weaving boy
SANDRA finish the scarf
pintando la cara de una estudiante
Alexandra with paint on the stone
Alexandra from Austria teaching some arts


Our volunteers are vital to the continued success of our project. We hope that, for all of them the time they spend with us will be in some way life-changing. These images convey something of the bonds of friendship and collaboration that form between  volunteers, children, families and staff as we work together.

student and volunteer with flowers
Stina and Malin having a nice hair children are preparing
Jazmin volunteer
Cicely before the lesson for the children, she teach to do a nice scarf
Elizabeth with volunteer
He is Paul from Australia playing with children
Irina teaching to Gabriel
Jasmin talking with children about english
Lance going with children to the ruins near the school
Malin, volunteer with children
Nelson y una madre despues del trabajo
Nigel from Australia
Sara,Clara(England), Paul(US)
Sophi from CANADA preparing lessons for the children
volunteer after the school_edited
Stina and Malin having a nice hair children are preparing
student and volunteer with flowers
volunteer and children_edited
volunteer and peruavian girl with a tipical cloth from the andeans_edited
voluntaria Eleni con ropa tipica montado en una llama_edited
volunteers waiting the car gor return to the home
Volunteers sharing a tipical drink with the comunitie
Volunteer from England she is evelyn
Volunteer from Canada after teach english to the children at the public school


We are phenomenally proud to have built our school from the ground up (having first levelled the difficult terrain by hand). Here you can see the ongoing construction work including new steps, terracing and fencing for our hill side site. There are images of the furniture we make for the school and the families of our pupils. Pictures too of the oven building initiative we are delivering; improving the environment and nutrition of our children. Our projects can be adapted to best suit whatever skills you bring, from making adobe mud to electrical wiring.

voluntaria terminando de construir una cama para una familia_edited
Paul de Estados unidos y voluntarias trabajando juntos
Nelson y amigos trabajando con la arena_edited
Paul llevando la arena_edited
voluntaria trabajando en el muro de proteccion
voluntario Steve y amigos llevando arena para la construccion de pared
Nico y Alex construyendo reparando el acceso a la escuela_edited
Alex de Inglaterra, colocando la lluz para la clase de computacion_edited
Ava trabajando con la lampa
Irina de Alemania ayudando en la construccion de gradas para el acceso principal de la escuela
voluntarios construyendo una puerta para la escuela
Anita de Canada pintando la resbaladera_edited
voluntaria pintando salon de clases
Eleni cortando la madera
Alva y Olivia trabajando con la tierra
voluntarios usando los pies para mezclar la tierra y el agua_edited
voluntario trabajando con la tierra para la ventana de la casa de una familia en Ahuac
voluntario colocando ventana de familia
Prendiendo la cocina de tierra
madres y voluntarias despues de hornear el pan
Trabajo final en la construccion de cocinas mejoradas
Pierre trabajando con la mano en la construccion del horno para hacer panes
La familia Meza Gago diciendo gracias por la construccion de la cocina de tierra
Sebastian Mang trabajando con la madera
Paul de Australia construyendo una silla
Paul de Australia pintando mesas para familias de la escuela
Phillip en trabajos de electricidad_edited
Nilton haciendo instalacion electrica en la casa de una familia_edited

Eating and drinking

Food is an important part of our work. The collective preparation and sharing of food is an act that brings our community together. We also use that same sharing to educate about hygiene and nutrution. 

a day of birthday
Sara ordenando la masa de los panes antes de ser horneados
madres haciendo pana con voluntarios
Jenry horneando el pan en la escuela de Matapuquio
giving some food for the children
eating peruvian corn
eating food
Despues del trabajo en la escuela, madres y voluntarios compartiendo la comida preparada por las per
belinda eating

Sport, parties and celebrations

Festivals and birthdays are important events in school life. Most of our pupils come from extremely poor families and so we make the effort to celebrate their special days. Christmas is also a major festival here are we like to make it as special a time for the children as possible. Outdoor sport and games are an ever popular part of our curiculum and we recently constructed a new play area with climbing  bars, which not only helps develop motor skills but is also great fun!

Angel touchi8ng the christmas tree at the school_edited
in christmas 2015_edited
voluntarios y familias en el Aniversario de Peru Luz de Esperanza
Rosita is the mum
Peru Luz de Esperanza participando en la marcha del dia de la independencia del Peru el 28 de Julio
giving food in christmas 2015 for the family of the poor children
Christmas party december 2015, eating traditional food
children showing their works
children dancing taking hands
a day of birthday
28 of July, independence day in Peru
children in a sports day
children and volunteers playing
Actividades en la escuela, payaso en la navidad 2015,diciembre
a big competition, nice day for sports, every volunteer have a children group
children with the monkey bars


Along side visual arts we also place a strong emphasis on music within the school. Multiple academic studies have highlighted the developmental benefits of learning to play an instrument. Participating in song, dance and music is a positive part of daily school life that is both socialising and therapeutic.

estudiante aprendiendo a tocar el piano
Clases de musica basica
children playing instruments