Absolutely. First of all, the program is such an amazing cause that it deserves as many people and help as possible. Second of all, the children are so wonderful and deserving. Third, you guys are such amazing people that are doing a wonderful thing for this community, you deserve help. I loved you all.   

Jen Marley

Over the last twelve months we have made two visits. We fully recommend it to any person of any age (and you’ll have so much fun at the same time). Peru Luz de Esperanza is for you. The devotion to their programs is something that will be in our hearts and minds forever

Maxine and Robert Roach

Yes. I think what you are doing for the rural children is very important. They have hardships but they are patient and try to make the best of the situation. Dale Neal

Yes, I'd recommend you to people who are prepared to be flexible with their skills and hard working Lance Jackson

100% I would!! The opportunity was stimulating and rewarding  and I felt like I contributed to the local community.  Paul

Absolutely; This is a very good organisation, very down to earth. The leaders of the organisation work hard and give a lot of their time, energy and heart to make it a success. Christine

Yes, the children need your help to enable a better future for them. Frank Ambrosius

In the month we stayed with you, I really felt you were my family and I felt very well taken care of. There was always enough of everything, and the Chupaka bread…very nice.  
Vanessa Brilstra
Nilton, thank you for taking time to listen to my broken Spanish and always trying to make me feel comfortable. It really meant a lot to me. Elly, thank you for being such an inspiration. You always put others first and it is obvious that you really care about the children, the mothers, and the families in this program.   Jen Marlay
Living with
Peru Luz De
I would like to take Eva home with me to cook for my family. It is no wonder Peruvians are so healthy, they have such an excellent balanced diet. Thank you Eva, Elizabeth and Nilton!
Rosalyn Davies
The hospitality given by Elizabeth and Nilton has been fantastic and we feel that we have become part of their family.   Maxine and Robert Roach
Our room was clean and comfortable, nicely decorated. Eva cheerfully catered for special diets, e.g. gluten free and dairy free.  Lance Jackson
Eva was a fantastic cook. Great conversation around the table Paul
A round of applause for Eva; I liked the "Ají de gallina"  Lotte Bontje
I looked forward to every meal.  Elizabeth

I am very impressed with the children. They are so well behaved and just want to learn as much as they can. They are the most loving, affectionate children I have ever met. They are also very intelligent, creative and artistic. They are a pleasure to work with. I will miss them a lot when I go home and would love to see them all again.  

Rosalyn Davies

Oh my goodness. The children. I loved the children. They were so wonderful, loving, intelligent, and welcoming. The excitement that they had for the school, for the teachers, and even for me was inspiring. Every one of the principiantes touched my heart.  Jen Marlay


and learning

I am amazed at the behaviour of the children and how quickly and eagerly they learned.On the last night the lights failed but the children continued to work in the dark. They are incredible.  Elizabeth

We enjoyed the teaching work very much even though we are not teachers by profession. I also enjoyed the work of going to the mothers’ homes with Jhovana to teach hygiene and first aid.

Ida Neal

I enjoyed teaching the mothers. They were all very grateful and understood how important it was to learn English as well as other skills. I found it very interesting teaching both children and their mothers as I got to know the families more.   Steve Sharpe

It was great to teach in such a beautiful environment. I especially liked it that I could combine teaching with developing the curriculum. 

Vanessa Brilstra

The classes were very rewarding. The children were very enthusiastic and keen to learn English. Nilton was very patient in assisting our needs and guiding the children when required. He really provided a lot of support and guidance.   Paul

to know

Here's just some of the feedback from the many volunteers we've been lucky enough to work with over the last decade. Some people reflect on the experience of their time with us and others on their work with our children and families. Some volunteers share their thoughts on why you might want to come and join us, and they even offer a few handy hints to help you on your way:

Wow, an experience not to be missed….. I just loved the trips, you are a wonderful tour guide [Eva]. What a privilege to have seen parts of Peru that other tourists never go to. Rosalyn Davies

Congratulations to the wonderful, dedicated teachers Elizabeth, Antonio and Nilton.

Thank you for a wonderful experience. Elizabeth Lephart

Even though the landscape was beautiful, the reason why I really appreciated my experience in the field was because I was able to see where these children live and how little they have. Seeing their houses really made an impact on me, because 6 or 7 people would live in a these tiny houses with only one light bulb. It was very humbling, but also inspiring.    Jen Marlay

Would you

…that was great, to experience the life of the people here. We are grateful for the love and friendship that all of them gave us.   Sanna De Graaff

I have had many experiences here which I will never forget. The work here is very important and help is always needed. Keep up the good work.   Steve Sharpe

Peru Luz de Esperanza is

a very special organisation: unforgettably welcoming Lotte Bontje

I loved the experience of working with you the family, the kids and mothers. It was great to be able to learn about the lives of people in this area of Peru.

Frank Ambrosius

 …a good place to volunteer and also a good place to get to know other volunteers from other places in the world.   Ida Neal 

There aren’t too many Gringos here so for many I was quite interesting! People in Huancayo and Chupaca were all very friendly and welcoming.  
Steve Sharp
The organisation’s projects are based on the wishes of the rural community around Huancayo. We like this method of helping, because it's a bottom-up approach.
Sanna De Graaff
People are very friendly and helpful. I always felt safe walking in Chupaca and taking the taxi/combi.  
Maxine and Robert Roach
I really enjoyed my Spanish classes. I thought they were very helpful and provided an excellent opportunity to ask questions about the language, the culture, and general expressions.   Jen Marlay
Be careful to avoid stray dogs if you go running. They like to chase.  Paul
It can be chilly indoors during cold weather, 
bring layers of clothing Lance Jackson
It is important for the volunteers to know that they will be walking and climbing a lot.   Christine
The meals at the [nearby] restaurants were very good  Elizabeth